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JLT Clamps

Replacement Clamps (Panel Clamp)

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#302-40-H-R JLT Clamp Arms

Additional JLT Clamps with T-Handles for Tightening

  • Jaws are Toed in at a one degree angle
  •  Standard Stock Size is 40” Opening • Larger, Custom Sizes Available
  •  100% Steel Construction - Lifetime Warranty on All Welded Components
  •  #302 Style Clamp with Standard 3.5” High Jaws for Increased Durability and Less Clamps Per Glue Up
  •  Minimum Clamp Opening of 8.5
  • Each Clamp Can Achieve Up to 3000# of Clamping Force
  • Clamp Body is 4 1/2” Wide
  • Guaranteed Never to Twist, Bow or Bend
  •  Patented Equalizer Design Provides Equal Clamping from the Front and Rear Jaws, Resulting in a Higher Quality Panel
  •  Clamps Mounted on a JLT Panel Clamp Provide a Flat, Even Surface to Ensure Better Glue Ups