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JLT Clamps

Buddy System

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Buddy Systems were created to help our customers save valuable floor space. By hanging the door clamp onto the back of a panel clamp, we reduce the floor print taken up by those two machines by close to 40%. Buddy System packages include our most popular models and can be ordered with a few different machine pairings.

8′ Buddy System

#717A-DC Door Clamp Side:

  • Produce up to 100+ Cabinet Doors and up to 50 Panels per day
  • 26″ x 62″ Maximum capacity.
  • (2) Second Squaring of Stile and Rail Cabinet Doors.
  • Precise and Accurate Squaring Guaranteed
  • MDF and HDF Door Models Available!!
  • Easy to use, Single Lever Operation.
  • Fast Changeovers

#79F-8-PC Panel Clamp Side:

  • (5) total gluing levels
  • Includes (18) 3 1/2″ High Jaw 40″ opening clamps (52″ Clamps Available upon Request)
  • Innovative, Space Saving Feature that allows the Clamps to be hung Vertically when not in use
  • Edge Glue and Face Glue a variety of solid wood components
  • 100% steel tubular construction that Creates a Flat and Even Work Area for Clamping Panels

Machine Footprint: 97″L x 70″H x 64″W